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ToK Warnings?

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Here's a helpful hint: Because it asks all these mysterious questions, people write mystical essays. This is wrong. The point of ToK is to clarify understanding - so don't raise more questions - answer the question that is being asked!

Example - ''But can we really ever know what a cheese sandwich is?'' Is wrong. ''It is a cheese sandwich, and I know this because it has cheese in between two slices of bread.'' Is right.

Basically, directly answer the question. You will need to link and contrast different Ways of Knowing (methods of obtaining knowledge - language, emotion, reason, and sense perception), and also Areas of Knowledge (where we can get knowledge from, such as maths, human sciences, natural sciences, ethics, history, aesthetics.)

You'll also need to know about Knowledge Issues. A knowledge issue is an issue... about knowledge... that arises from the question :P

For example, look at the question in my sig that is my ToK essay. A relevant knowledge issue to that could be 'Can we know when we are being influenced by our emotions?' Or maybe 'Can we apply the same conclusion to different Areas of Knowledge?'

As for the other criterias, you just need to be able to write a balanced argument (philosophy and history would be helpful here if you are doing either of those) and write personally. Do not shy away from saying ''I'' ''I think'' ''I propose'' etc. For ToK, you need to be personal. 10 marks in the final essay is about how well you answer the question/understand the ToK-y things I've posted about. 10 marks is for your personal input. 10 marks is for your analysis and balanced discussion. 10 marks for structure and referencing.

You'll also have to do a presentation at the end of yr 12/ IB1, worth the other 20 marks (presentation 20, essay 40) Can't fully remember what the criteria are, but it is something similar except all out of 5, and a couple of differences. Basically, as long as you think of a good topic (don't go for overused euthanasia or death penalty though ¬¬) and a relevant knowledge issue for it, and explore it while CONSTANTLY referring to the ways of knowing and making it tok-y and explaining it well, with a personal conclusion, you should score highly.

Hope this helped :)

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