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Group 4 Project Help

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I'm a junior in IB, taking Biology. A few weeks ago the science teachers at my school "explained" the Group 4 project to our class. While I think I understand the general premise, they were so vague that I am having a really hard time coming up with an idea. Our "task" is to solve a problem with our school's physical facilities.

I had thought of creating a roof garden to reduce heating/cooling costs; Bio students could investigate which plants would be most appropriate, and Physics kids could look at the insulation effects. We only have those two subjects in our group.

There have been concerns that this is unfeasible; if anyone could help suggest another topic or modification to this one, that would be great! Thanks!

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I really can't help you because I have no idea what your school is like.

If I were in your shoes, I would simply go up to your science teacher (whichever one you spend more time with or is predominantly in charge of group 4) and explain to him or her how you are at a loss to come up with a topic. He or she could possibly provide guidance that would make the whole ordeal so much easier. I often find that my group 4 partners and I seriously overlook everything.

Also, make sure that everyone in your group 4 has had a voice and that every idea (no matter how bad it may seem) is explored. You may already have a great project Idea.

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