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ITGS Paper 2

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Hey so if any of you have taken the 2012 exam or are taking the 2013 exam, i would appreciate it if you could share information regarding the new Paper 2 exam.

Our teacher just showed us the generic questions for the paper and informed us that we will be analysing an unseen article related to one of the 6 areas of impact ( health, business, home and leisure, politics and government, science and environment and education)

But some of the articles contain technical knowledge that we haven't been taught for example: QR codes.

Can anyone give me a brief list of the basic technical stuff we need to have a good grasp of?

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Most of the Information is available either on the Stuart Gray e-Book, or you can find it on Oliver Kim by the Cambridge/IB Press. For examples, QR Codes, you will find in the later for certain.

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