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Universities giving more/easier scholarships? (Canada)

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I'm an international student and I want to apply to Canadian universities.

My question is that, are there any universities which are famous of giving easy scholarships? I.e. universities where the chance of getting a scholarship which covers tuition fees or a big part of it is higher?

The reason why I'm asking is that, being an international students means you can't take any loans and the fees are almost doubled. These two make it impossible for me to study in Canada without any scholarships (but I really want to).


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Hey there! :)

Well, the only university that i know so far that is probably affordable is the university i'm in right now. The fee's are less compared to other universities. You could look into into it. It's called memorial university. You could also try the university of Windsor or Queens. There's no university that gives 'easy' scholarships. It all depends on academical standing and whatnot.

If i were you, i'd research on universities and the scholarships that they give to international students and then apply to the ones that give you a higher scholarship. In university, if you're beyond your first year, you're also eligible for other scholarships.

Hope i helped. Good luck! ^_^

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