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TOK Presentation HELP!

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Hi guys! So basically we were given a task for TOK where we have to present to the class about daily issues that

we may face in life and the knowledge issues with it ( Language, Emotion, Reasoning and Sense Perceptions). My partner and I decided to do "Is Organic Food Really what they say it is?"

Now we are not too sure what we have to do in the 4 areas of knowing more specifically Reasoning and Language. So it will be great if you guys can help us out with it THX!!! And would appeal to authority be under language or reasoning? P.S. the presentation is only 10 minutes so it is not that long

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Language: the ambiguity and misleading nature of the word "organic", and how the healthy connotations can precede our logic when we make judgements.

Emotion: Are self-deception or rationalization that we are eating something healthy(ex. organic chocobars), and talk about how our emotions becloud reason.

Reason: how deceptive words can set up faulty premises. For this, our logic starts with the premise that what is organic is healthy, and then concludes that one should eat organic food if one wishes to be healthy.

Sense perception: Often organic food is packaged to emphasize its "organicness", they may use imagery that we associate with nature or health to manipulate us into believing that the things have those qualities.

This page has some good instructions and some examples or TOK www.theoryofknowledge.net/assessment/the-presentation/general-guidelines-to-the-presentation.php

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