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Maths Studies IA Survey

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Hey everyone :)

I know a lot of surveys have been posted, and I apologise for adding one more - however I do need quite a few results for my project.

This is the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHpha1o1VEQwR2owTTBQMm80ZWtkdEE6MQ

Also - the last question: Please write all 5 times as well as the average :)

It would be greatly appreciated if some people could complete it!! I'll do the same for you :)

Thanks! :)

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Excue me but I did not quite understand the last two questions....i do wantto apologize if I messed anything up...Ihope everything goes well. :)


Oh that's okay, It was just getting you to go to a website and finding your top 5 reaction time and averages :)

Thank you for completing the other questions - it definitely helps :)

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