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Creating a new statistical analysis algorithm for Geography IA

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One of my ideas for my IA is to analyze data with a statistical analysis algorithm that I created. I have a couple of questions:

- Will the IB accept this type of project?

- Has anyone else done something similar?

- Is this a terrible idea?

The reason that I am creating my own equation/algorithm is because the "popular" equations that build lines of best fit, equations tend to not recognize small patterns in the data.

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You'll have to be a bit more specific, otherwise I don't think we can offer much help. What kind of algorithm is it, and is it similar to existing ones (because if it is, you're probably going to be fine including it). I frankly have no expertise in the area. However, if you are doing a geography IA, I would definitely not put much of the mathematics into the actual text - maybe outline how your algorithm works in the text and its implications for the results, but put fuller details in the appendix. Out of interest, what's your IA on?

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