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Can anyone please help me with this article for my eco IA 3 - international trade:

This is my article: http://www.nytimes.c....anted=all&_r=1

The two diagrams I am thinking of doing are:

1. Increase in exports due to subsidies (which shift the supply curve rightwards)

2. Tariff diagram showing effects on welfare loss, consumer+producer surplus

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You do not necessarily need to include both of these concepts. You can write excellent evaluations on either decision (subsidies on Chinas part, tariffs from the US), and in the end the arguments you will bring in are similar, as they are both forms of unfair advantages/protectionism. The risk if you include both is that your analysis will be very long and your evaluation will come up short, which is not very good as it is in the evaluation that most of the marks can be obtained. Remember that the word limit is 750, which makes it difficult to fully consider two separate decisions. I tried doing that in my first Micro IA(I dont know what I was thinking) and I ended up having 1200 words in my first draft.

I dont know which book you have, but it should contain a part which explains the advantages and drawbacks of protectionism. For your evaluation, this part can give you some ideas.

Good luck!

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