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GPA versus final grades, which one is more important?

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Hi guys!

I am thinking of applying to the USA and due to some circumstances I will be applying after I receive my diploma, so I will actually have my final grades to show. However, it seems that USA unis really value the grades which you have been getting during your study (i.e. the GPA). The problem is that my school grades will probably be lower than my final grades, which makes me think which one is actually more important, and can they overlook my a little above average school grades if I have top final grades. So, what do you think?

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Hmm, I would think think that they would prefer your final grades to be honest. But, having a lower GPA may work in your favour: because US unis like to look at applicants "holistically", they examine all of your grades, and if it seems as if you have improved over the course of IB (which in your case is from your school GPA to your actual IB grades), it'd reflect well on you as a student.

So I say don't worry, and just focus on doing the best you can. :)

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