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Has my "weird" combination ruined my chances at a competitive Uni?

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Guest HayashiEsme

I was thinking about my Diploma package, it just dawned on me that it lacks absolute focus.

I changed it once before the holidays from HL Chem, Bio, Economics; SL English Literature, Chinese B, Maths to HL Biology, Literature, Economics; SL History, Maths, Chinese B. I did have friends who were (some still are) thinking that I was absolutely out of my mind for changing my options (back story: I've built quite the reputation for being good at the Sciences and Maths, though well. It's not always my cup of tea. And then with Economics and Literature this year, I just found that the Humanities comes much much more naturally than the Sciences do.). Anyway, I'll cut the long story short: I'm convinced that I've saved my sanity by going down the Humanities/Social Sciences route - but I don't know if I've gone around doing this the right way with my subject combination.

So with that all said, have I ruined my chances of entering my Yales and Harvards, my competitive LSE, UCLs (only looking at London for British Unis)? I feel like my combination looks a little like it's lacked an indication of where my strengths and skill set lie, and that might jeopardise my chances of standing out within the competition I have to beat to get into the good universities. Also, I have absolutely no idea what I might want to do for a career. I've done work experience, nothing seems that exciting to me, sadly:/ I do know that I'm likely to end up doing a degree in the Humanities or more likely Liberal Arts though.

Does anyone have any advice? It's rare for anyone from my school (or most of the Singaporean IB Students) to not take either 2 Humanities or 2 Sciences at HL, so I feel a little like I've entered the wilderness a little.

Another thing about me of help perhaps? I see myself as a creative person, yet not artistic. I chose these subjects because these were the ones I enjoyed the most during Year 9 and 10, also I noticed that I've got pretty strong analytical skills that I quite like putting to work.

Thanks guys! You've always been awesome:)

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As far as the US colleges go, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you're looking at UK unis, well, you can rule out Economics and Accounting or anything finance related without Maths HL. But the other humanities degrees such as history or politics or law, you're definitely on the right track for. The trick will be to get the high scores really. Don't worry about it too much.

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