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Hi there!

SO, what do you want to know about SWOT?

How to go about generating one from a given source?

Or Is this for your IA and you want to know how to form one finding info yourself?

Please be more specific when posting/starting a topic.


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SWOT analysis is a tool that asses the strategic position of a business and its environment. It helps a company to know where it stands by exploring key issues. (Just a few questions that you should ask yourself when looking for these issues. The list i'm giving you doesn't apply to every case, but you need to find a way to apply it yourself. This is just to give you a helping hand in understanding how to conduct a SWOT analysis)

Strengths(Internal Problems of the Business)

- What do we do well in?

- How are we better than our competitors?

Weaknesses (Internal Problems of a Business)

- What could be done better?

- What is being done badly?

- What puts the company is a vulnerable place?

Opportunities (External Problems of a Business)

- What are the opportunities to be explored?

- What are the interesting trends?

Threats (External Problems of a Business)

-What obstacles are being faced?

-What is the competition doing?

- Are the specifications for the products or services changing?

- Is changing technology threatening the business?

Hope this helped :)

P.S: If you still have questions, don't be afraid to post again here.

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