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German perspective on Stalingrad?

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I've found quite a lot of documentation on the Battle of Stalingrad from the Russian side regarding the battle and the conditions of it, but not really that much from the German side.

I was wondering whether the people from IBS could help me on this.

On Wikipedia, it says: "The next day he made a six page situation report to the general staff", which is then referenced to Kehrig, Manfred Stalingrad, Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlags Anstalt, 1974 pages 279,311-312,575.

However, this is in German so I am unable to read this. Are there any sources that are in English that detail the German perspective on Stalingrad?

Thanks in advance.

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I have gotten my hands on some primary and secondary source material. it really depends where it came from and from what year.

German propaganda right to the end sold Stalingrad as a chance fora clear victory for the Germans, back at home people knew very little of the reality. Even

German soldiers believed it despite the horrors they were seeing. It is only in memoirs from german soldiers do we really get to hear what it was like. All the

most brutal details were left out when media went out to the public.

In regards to the sources.

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