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help with Knowledge issue and real life situation!

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hey!!!! i have my presentation on saviour siblings coming up. will you guys please help me with the knowledge issues and real life situations possible..

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1. Nobody is going to do your presentation for you - come up with your own knowledge issues! Then we'll help feed back on them. But at the end of the day, your presentation = your work.

2. I strongly recommend you read this thread: ToK Presentation OFFICIAL Guide (and please do actually read it, because it'll answer an awful lot of questions and give you a lot of suggestions which people won't bother to repeat on this thread if you've not read it on the other one).

3. If you can't even find a real life situation for saviour siblings when you have literally the whole internet laid out before you, you have serious issues.

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I just have TOK presentation today..

Im pretty satisfied with it...

ok straight to the fact:

Knowledge issue has to connect to real life situation: I.E. global warming

you have to use at least to ways of knowing.

I.E. knowledge question might be: "how can we use (language) and (reason) as a knowledge tools to help us decide if global warming cause mainly or partially by human beings?".

Why the word "Partially"? Well it is because there is disagreement between human believes and scientists.... that´s why we can not decide that global warming is caused by human or nature...

important: you need to be neutral

Hope this helps....

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