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Biology EE topic help: Milk or yeast?

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Hey guys :D

I need help picking a topic for my EE. I know that I want to do it in biology, but it can't be way too complicated (I only have my school laboratory to use). Unfortunately, no human samples are allowed, so that cuts out a huge chunk of inspiration.

I want to do something involving either milk or yeast, but I honestly have no clue. Can someone suggest a suitable topic? Thanks so much!

(P.S. If your idea involves baking, I love you!)

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You do have to come up with your own EE topic - and as it's in Biology, it should include an experiment. We can't come up with it for you as you are marked on your selection of topic and therefore that would be classified as cheating on your Diploma.

I suggest if you're interested in baking, you look at the variables surrounding yeast when baking. You've basically already got an area of interest so now it is up to YOU and not to US to do the groundwork, read around the subject and try to come up with something specific to test.

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