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Economics Internal Assessment: Evaluation part

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In addition to CLASPP, my teacher also gave my class something called the PAST approach...here it is:

Prioritise existing arguments/solutions in order of importance, costs/benefits, effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses, advantages/disadvantages

Alternatives: examine the alternative arguments/solutions/viewpoints

Stakeholders: impact on different groups

Timeframes: weigh up short term vs long term impacts

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Alot of detail covered in the previous posts but I think the critical thing is not to be so binary in terms of the advantages and disadvantages.  Because it will become quite additive in nature and your IA will become quite superficial.  For example, some people likes to say that fiscal policy is "bad" because it uses up the government budget but doesn't this depend on whether the government is rich or not.  For governments that are rich e.g. Saudi Arabia, then they don't really care because they have lots of money and do not need to borrow money to finance their activities (which may lead to the rachet effect). 

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