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Help with math project

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I'm in serious trouble; I have no idea what to do for my math project!

I was thinking of maybe doing something with population growth, but then I wouldn't know what math to apply to it and how to make it a good project. Has anyone done something with population growth before?

I would really really appreciate some help!

Thanks so much.

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The population trends of china or Modelling population growth in china is one of the SL Maths IAs, I haven't done this portfolio before, but this thread may help you:

If you're doing the maths exploration, then I suggest you try make your project distinctly different from the china population growth one, by focusing on something completely different. Just use the Chinese population one as a reference or guideline of how you can include mathematics in a population growth project.

Remember your project doesn't have to be human population. It can be on any type of population, like animal and plant populations.

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go online to gapminder.org and find your data there

do female fertility rates versus female literacy rates and you will find that there is a strong correlation>

use chi-square test

linear regression

pearsons correlation coefficient

i used those three and showed how to completely do the calculations from scratch which will give good marks

you will plot your data in a graph x vs. y and then add a linear graph, then by clicking the graph you will receive the linear regression equation and the R^2 value, then by comparing this to your calculated values and doing a discussion on that is great

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