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First TOK homework :|

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After our first IB transition week, we got some TOK homework to do and i really dont know where to start:

Your mission is to find information from a primary source about two current world issues that interest you. What questions or knowledge issues arise from the issue? Be prepared to share and discuss these in your first TOK lesson next year.

What is a knowledge issue and does any one have any ideas for world issues that are appropriate to TOK? I was thinking of doing the US school shootings...

Thanks for all your help peoples :)


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Dude, do you ever try Google?! Sometimes you should try that out you know (it's known to help 99.99999% of the time) Also, have you looked through the threads in the TOK forum?

Read through this thread please if you haven't yet---> http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/290-introduction-to-tok-bits-of-tok-wisdom-advice/ It will give you a good idea about TOK.

I found this from using Google: (from theoryofknowledgestudent.com)

"A knowledge issue is a question concerning knowledge where there are at least two plausible alternatives.

They can include real life situations, “I am driving in my car when I arrive at a toll booth. There are two booths. One has a long queue of traffic, the other booth is empty. Should I join the queue or go to the empty booth? How do I know?”

KI’s can also be more abstract, “How can we know if all our actions are freely chosen?” Or, “How is the knowledge we have in maths and science related to our own cultural paradigm?”

Here are examples of KI’s from various areas of knowledge. In art, “How do we know what constitutes good art?” or in ethics, “Can we use reason to justified making judgements about another culture’s ethics?” or, “When making judgements about what’s right and wrong, should we rely more on reason or emotion?”

KI’s are also relevant to ways of knowing. In language, “Is it justified to claim that our thoughts are determined by our language?” or, “In one or two areas of knowledge, how far does our language describe the world or express our feelings about it?” Considering perception, “How far is our knowledge of the world limited by our sense perception?” Or considering reason, “Is reason the most reliable route to knowledge in the natural sciences and the human sciences?”"

The US school shootings is a good one to do, but you're gonna have to really think about the KI's concerning that because right now, all I can think of are the ethical issues.

What other current issue were you thinking of looking at?

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