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Lit Commentary

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As holiday homework before IB year 1 starts in Jan, I have to write a commentary on a text extract. But, I dont know what a commentary is (essay???) let alone how to write one... :(

Does anyone have any ideas?

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I see you're from Singapore...don't you write O'Levels? You're supposed to know how to write one for those exams. However, we can still help if you're lost :)

A commentary is more or less an analysis of the text (either a poem, extract from a novel/play, or short story).

Check out this forum ---> http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/9486-tips-for-writing-a1-essays-paper-1-paper-2-and-wl1/ It should give you enough to know how to write one.

Also, have you tried Google? You should. It has lots of helpful and useful tips.

BUT, since i'm in a good mood today..I found you a link.


It's just to get you started :)

Good Luck!

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No- I go to an Aussie school so we follow the Australian or MYP curriculum

Thanks :) I did try Googling but I didnt know which links would be helpful *overloaded with information*

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