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how do you know when you're "done" studying?

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I have this SL math stats test tomorrow,and I'm freaking out. My teachers says it's the most heavily weighted test. I currently have around a 98 converted in SL math, but I'm worried that it will drop to like an 89 because of how badly I'll do tomorrow. Like, I try studying, but everytime I attempt a question, I get really stressed. (Even my anxiety meds don't help.) I THINK I understand the material, but I can actually get only like 60 percent of the practice questions correct. (However, I do a lot of practice, so yeah..)

I'm comfortable with the statistical distributions found at the very end of the textbook, as well as the mean, median, and mode stuff midway through it. But I sometimes get confused about probabilities (what I should do when calculating the probability of a OR b happening, or EITHER a AND b happening, things like that.)

Does it sound like I'm prepared? I'm going to sleep anyway, but I'm taking the 1st period off of HL geo to study for my test on the 2nd period.

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the way you phrased the question got me thinking I was browsing ToK for a while...

if you feel like you've tried your best, that's all you can really ask for, right? anyways, best of luck to you!

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