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Extended Essay for Visual Art

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Hi there, I am currently doing an EE on arts subject, regarding the influence of american comics to local comics in my country.

All this time, I have been doing online research, but my supervisor keeps saying for an art extended essay, primary research is required to get high marks.

Also, my supervisor is completely meticulous about my formatting, and I'm just freaking out because I have no idea how to format an Art EE, (never had to) and i find that my pictures are creating this clutter that prevents easy reading.

I also found that my word count had exceeded the 4000 limit but I have no idea how to cut it down.

I am currently contemplating whether to do my EE all over again since its being too descriptive, or to edit in several areas. but doing my EE all over again would mean suicide, since this EE was supposed to be due on the first week of this december and it actually got a one month extension before being sent to the IB. :arrowhead:

Can anyone help me to state some requirements of an IB Art extended essay? especially with a topic like mine?

and what is IB usually looks for in art EEs.

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I suggest that, if you haven't done so already you:

A) Read the Extended Essay Guide, specifically the section on art

B) Type "50 excellent extended essays art" into Google and click on the results XD We can't link to them from IBS as they are copyrighted material but the 50 Excellent Extended Essay series is a set of exemplar EEs released by the IBO. I really recommend basing your formatting/style on these because they're already exemplary, SO :P

You should also think about how descriptive versus argumentative you're being in comparison to the 50 Excellent EEs essay. If yours is more descriptive than theirs, I suggest you make it less descriptive.

As for word reduction, just go back through and re-word sentences until you've made it more concise. It's the easiest way to cut words out without removing any content.

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