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5 hours ago, In terminal ass as mint said:

I found the Math II subject test really difficult. I had to learn a lot of the material on my own. I'm not sure though, I'll have to see once my scores come out in October 27th. I'm also doing a second SAT in November which I'll need to practice for a lot to get a higher score. I can't really speak for the ACT, it just surprised me everyone prefers it over the SAT, which makes me wonder if I could get a higher score simply by studying for the ACT in the first place

I just took my 2nd SAT last week -- also waiting for results around 27 October.

As for subject tests, I'm still taking them this November. Even my friends taking Maths HL find SAT Math II really hard, so you're not alone for sure. 

Yeah, I'm not sure as well why a lot of people advocate for the ACT. I've started with the SAT though, and I'm determined to see it through with the SAT.

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