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Art history in Visual art?

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Hi, all

Recently my art teacher told me that the art class would have an art history exam about some famous painting or sculpture like "Raft of Medusa" and "Grand Odalisque" etc. I am a little bit confusing is it an official requirement by IB? Do you guys who choose either HL or SL VA need to take an exam about art history during the two years study?

It seems like this test is just my teacher's personal preference and is not necessary at all. We already have studio work and investigation workbook to do. It is not fair to make more tests……

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Hi there!

No, that's definitely not part of the IB Visual Arts exams :/ So it really is your teachers preference...you're supposed to research the history yourself and comment on it in your IWB.

Your teacher is weird and unusually cruel for making you guys take this exam :/ All I can say is...GOOD LUCK for those exams :)

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