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Refining my EE topic...

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Hey IBS :)

I'm just wondering what everyone thinks of the topic I've chosen for my ESS EE:

"The effect of human population growth on water resources in Canberra, Australia"

This is what my supervisor and I brainstormed after a discussion, but I'm not sure about the entire idea behind it. Is it too narrow? It is "ESS" enough? If anyone can give me some pointers or constructive criticism, I would love you forever :)

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I personally don't take ESS. But I would suggest reading the Examiner's Report for May 2012 (or even Nov 2012 if it is out).

They often tell you what they think good EE topics consist of. The overview says that "Since the subject is a multidisciplinary one, the student will need to select and integrate theoretical contexts and methodologies from those academic disciplines appropriate to the chosen topic. In this respect, a systems approach is considered particularly effective and students will be expected to show some employment of this approach in the analysis and interpretation of the data gathered"

I personally think that your EE topic is fine based on that comment alone, especially if you are able to fit the assessment criteria in appropriately.

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