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Need a little help in the format of Extended Essay relating to Computer Science

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Hey there! so I have been working on this topic which falls under Computer Science which is something like "which/what technical aspects of an X operating system make a it better one compared to Y operating system" so how i decided to write on this topic is as follows:

- the obvious intro

- and then explain the structure of X operating system which adds upto 1200 words

- next explain the structure of Y operating system which adds upto 1000 words

- then the answer to the topic which would be around another 1000 words

- and later the remaining words divided perfectly for the Intro and the conclusion.

Would this be Fine?

Thank You in Advance XD

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That sounds like a solid format to me! It's similar to how I set up my EE on environmental systems. :) If you wanted to take the formatting a step further, you could put the two sections that describe each operating system under one big background section heading too. Either way would do the trick.

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