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I've just started my first year of IB History and have found a way to use Quizlet to commit a lot of critical evidence and terms to memory before tests and essays. I've made three guides so far, one for Napoleon, one for Italian Unification, and one for German Unification. I hope you find them useful... I've found them really good at getting the terms ingrained in my head though of course you still need to be able to connect them.




I suggest those who want to use it use the "Learn" option, as it seems to work best. If you type something in that was right but it says it was wrong (ie you said "Bismarck" instead of "Otto von Bismarck,") you can override the system too, which is nice. Anyway hope this is helpful and I will add more as I make them.

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Not sure what I'm doing for Paper 1 yet, to study for the midterm exam I went back into my notes and made two new quizlets for the first units, the Renaissance and the French Revolution:



Also, I made a compilation of all five of the IB History I first semester quizlets into one master quizlet (399 terms).


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Just finished two new study guides. The first one is for Bismarck's Domestic and Foreign Policies during 1871-1890. The second one is for European Imperialism in Africa and Asia. Hope they're helpful.



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