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Economics EE - phrasing the question

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My topic for extended essay in economics is

How has the traditional gaming market been affected by the emergence of smartphone and tablets. Also predicting possible future outcomes of the competition between the two markets.

First thing, I am not really sure about this topic, I mean, I am having doubts, though it seems like a good idea because it has rarely been done before from an industrial point of view.

Second, my secondary resources consist mainly of websites which primarily deal with the economic and marketing point of view about games. Also, I have secured the interview of a few developers and spokespersons.

Thirdly, this needs obvious rephrasing, could someone please help me with that.

Thanks in Advance and Godspeed on your endeavours

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well first of all itsounds like a good idea...but it is too broad, your research should be more focused. What you can do is focus on certain gaming companies and mention their names, or focus on one single economy like USA for example. You need to make it focused on something so that you would know where to start in your research. Try to look into gaming companies that make arcade games like NAMCO since the demand on these is falling (just an example but you can choose whatever you want. Or maybe you may decide to focus on a completely different variable. Your secondary sources, i would say, depend on the research question after youve refined and focused it. Ofcourse your primary sources would be the records of gaming companies that you are investigating. You may be on to a good essay if you have the proper sources of info. it may be hard to find records but good luck i think its an interesting topic choice

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