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English A1- lit&lang creative written task, feedback on idea?

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Hi everyone :)

I have already done a written task about Media/language; and I made a political speech :) However now I have to write the other written task, which is the literature one.

I am slightly confused though, because what are actually some of the options for this task? I mean you are not supposed to make a brochure and stuff like that?

I had the idea to do an interview with a character, (David Lurie) from the book Disgrace. In which I ask questions about his view (after the disgrace in the end of the book). Do you think this would be a good idea for the task, and if so.. can I truly just write the questions and answers on my own or should I refer to that specifc view of the character?

Thank you so much!

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I have just handed in all my IA's yesterday and I chose the same topic as you did for that task :) I interviewed Desdemona from Othello. You can come up with whatever questions you want to, but they have to be text related and you have to pretend as if your'e taking the interview at the same time when the actual story is occurring. The points are based on your knowledge of the text, which means that you have to answer the questions in the way the character would to show that you have understand what is going on and I pretended that I was interviewing her in the middle of the story and kind of asked foreshadowing questions.

You also have to differentiate between a TV or magazine or whatever interview :)

I hope I was able to help you a little ;)

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I chose to write several diary entries from one of the suporting characters point of view and connected their "feelings" to the events occuring in the book.

For example, the suporting character in my case was a female who pleaded for a doctor to kill her husband so that she could live with her lover. And as the book originally was written from the doctors point of view it was easy to incorporate the females point of view.

The WT was written so that you followed the females thoughts concerning events that you knew from the book and her thought process that lead her to kill herself (which happened in the book).

Some of my classmates also added extra chapters written in the style of the author which has to well motivated in the rationale.

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