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Theatre EE - Militarism theatrical genre!?

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Hello everyone,

as the title may have made clear, I am doing my extended essay on Theatre.

and I have had colossal (to say the least) trouble in finding sources for militarism as a theatrical genre.

(P.S: My EE supervisor/ theatre teacher does not know of militarism because it unfortunately is not in her exact line of work)

It all began when I went to London for a Theatre workshop with my school and I recall Mrs. Maggie Young showing us "the different -isms" in theatre, which she had, neatly printed on a laminated A4 paper. My partner and I were assigned "Militarism" of the -isms listed on the sheet-- and since then I've wanted to find more information on it as it fascinated me


I have been unable to trace any militaristic plays on the internet or in books--yes, I am aware of what militarism is

but that is not related to theatre!

please help me!

IB is giving me a rash!


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Honestly, if you can't find anything on Militarism (I've never heard of it!) when just typing it into Google, I would change your EE topic, especially because your supervisor can't help you. You can still do Theatre, but do it on a broader theatre practice (such as Epic Theatre or Butoh).

Sorry, I know it's probably not the answer you were looking for but I've done the EE, and trust me, you don't want something that is hard to find!

Best of luck!

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