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English Written Tasks SL

For SL students, we have 3 written Tasks to do right?

1 from Part 1

1 from Part 2

and 1 from Part 3 or 4

Now can you please help me in identifying my parts

Political speech -?? (I don't really know in which one it falls)

A Doll's House - Part 3 ( i haven't written my rationale yet and can you please help by listing the questions for the literature part of the rationale.)

Depending on the Political speech if it falls in part 2 can you please provide some ideas for the Part 1

Or if the "Political Speech falls under Part 1, can you please provide me with some titles for Part 2, so that i can have an idea of what i can do for the written task . And for this one too please help by providing the questions for my rationale ..

Please help

Thnx in advance

Kesh19 :hang:

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And lastly lets does Quotations count as bein in the written tasK

As I my WT is about 865 words with quotes , is this accepted by IB? or Not?

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