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How to delete your IB Survival account

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Hi everyone,

If you have a legitimate reason why you feel your account needs to be deleted, please contact either Mahuta or Sandwich via PM explaining why, and we'll happily remove it for you.

Please note that intending to discontinue using the site, being bored of it, no longer requiring your account and so on are not considered reasons for account deletion. It's absolutely fine to just stop using your account one day and let it fall inactive. The staff will no longer be deleting accounts without a decent-ish reason for doing so, as deleting accounts is an entirely pointless task for both you and us under normal circumstances.

If you are worried about IBS distracting you from your studies and feel that you can't resist logging in (although we hope it mostly acts to help you, we are no strangers to the dangers of procrastination) remember that you can always ask for a temporary suspension from the site for any time period you specify. Again, for this you should ask one of the Administrators (Mahuta or Sandwich).

Otherwise, we hope that the site has been helpful to you and wish you the best of luck in the future!

IB Survival Staff

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