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Written assignment-how creative do I have to be?

ok guys, this is somehow urgent....

My wriiten assignment English, Language B HL is tomorrow. It is all rather....spontaneous.

I shall be creative, and related my text to something I read in class, ok.

I chose Brave New World and decided to write a diary enrty from Johnäs perspective.

QUESTION: Does john have to live in the time of Huxleys book?

Could I write it form a John still living today, comparing the World State to our actual world?

Is that permitted or do I have to stay in the time of the book?

Thanks a lot for your help

Best wishes,


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I might not be the greatest help as I had my WA only recently but I think you should kinda stick to the book cause that's what you get marks for. for the knowledge and understanding. However, rationale is there for you to explain your thinking so maybe if you explained that it is interesting to show the character in a different situation. but you would probably have to explain how he got there, which would also have to be related to the original. So I suppose it's safer to do sth within a scope of it.

I don't the book however, so that's all I can do.

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Thanks a lot, i think i found a way to integrate it into the book, like writing a new ending, john does some traveling in time, goes back to 2013, compares it to 632 A.F., gets frustrated, kills himself :D

no idea, whether the IBO will be very content wit my assignment, but i don´t care as long as i am ;)

thank u really very much for your quick answer!

Hope yours went well. good luck, for the rest of your exams!

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