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Nikita K

Day in your life?

Since we have such a mixture of countries, cultures and personalities on IB Survival, I was really interested in knowing how your day usually goes!

Here's how my day went today (it doesn't have to be right to the minute- I'm just procrastinating here):

7:00- Alarm rings

7:10- Convince myself I have ten more minutes

7:30- Wake up shocked at the time. Ponder about Einstein and Relativity.

7:30 - 8:00 - Get ready for school

8:00- 8:15- Grab an assortment of things lying around my room (socks, headphones, eyeliner)

8:17- Check time on my phone. Mentally curse at myself for taking so long to get ready.

8:17 - 8:30- Pray to every celestial being I know to avoid being late.

8:35- Arrive at school just as National Anthem is going on (They play the National Anthem every morning in the assembly). Try to concoct a plan to slip by unnoticed as I stand in silence.

8:40 - Try to slip past the teachers who are noting down late-comers. My efforts are in vain as they sense a disturbance in the Force, and immediately notice me. Since this the first time I'm late this month, so they let me go with a warning.

8:45 - Reach classroom. Hang out with friends.

8:50 - Go to my first class of the day- Chemistry. Brain shuts down and refuses to learn chemistry so early on a Friday morning.

8:50 - 9:30 - Survive first class, and manage to successfully revise Energetics.

9. 35- 10:10- Business and Management. Sit through a 40 minute painstakingly slow lecture about Mediums of Communication.

10:10- 10:50- Chem IAs. It's just processing the data which I did beforehand, so all I need to do is copy it from the notebook onto Word. Piece of cake.

10:50- FIRST BREAK! Munch on grapes as friends share new-found songs. Listen to Bastille. Feel 30% better about the day so far.

11- Unpleasantly surprised by Math teacher who says it is now time for math. Tell him it is actually our Chem IA session. IB coordinator is called to sort out mess. Apparently, it is now Math.

11:05- 12:20: Double lecture of Math. By the mercy of God, we are starting a new chapter- Transformations of Graphs. Understand everything and cheer internally.

12:20 -12:50: IA session. Teacher nowhere to be seen. As I'm done with the work, I 9gag without feeling too guilty.

12.50- 1.20: LUNCH. Start working on French, as I simultaneously eat. Another friend starts designing our official IB CAS logo, and asks for feedback. Work on improving logo. It's finally finalized. Stare at prettiness.

1:20 - 2:30 - Urgent teacher meeting. Biology and English are now free lectures. Happy that I'm done and up to date with Bio notes. Ignore big scary HL analysis for English.

2:30- 3:30- Business and Management teacher turns up. Prepare self for a horribly boring lecture, but instead find myself in an extremely engaging and interesting lecture on Advertising.

3:30- School ends. Weekend plans (non-existent) crushed with the reminder that we have a full day of school tomorrow. Miserably ponder about all the exciting things I done (get a tattoo. skydive. SLEEP)

3:45 - On the way home.

4- Reach home.

4:15- Eat. Allow myself to watch one episode of Supernatural.

5:15- I'll totally start my homework after one more episode. I swear.

6- Start on homework.

7- Finish with 10 French exercises. Find myself worthy of a break

7: 15- Suddenly come up with idea for new post as I'm browsing IB Survival.

7:49- Finally end post as I come to realize that they're is a slight chance that this post will go ignored. Great.

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here's mine on normal weekdays:

6.40: get up and go to pray (im muslim btw)

7.00: get dressed and pack my things, (i usually take my time lol)

7.30: go down for breakfast

7.50: brush my teeth, put my scarf on, get ready to leave

8.00: leave house to go to the bus stop

8.06: catch the bus to school

8.25: arrive at school

8.40: first lesson begins

9.30: second lesson begins

10.20: form time or assembley (depends which day it is)

10.40: break time - hang out with friends

11.00: third lesson begins

11.50: fourth lesson begins

12.40: lunch time - on mondays i have spanish conversation class whih takes up half of my lunch time

1.30: fifth lesson begins

2.20: sixth lesson begins

3.10: home time!

3.20: get on the bus

3.40: bus leaves

4.10: arrive home

4.20: go pray

5.00: dinner time

6.00: help out in the kitchen

6.30: homework time, but sometimes im tired and i end up falling asleep lol

and i dont really have a plan after this, my bedtime depends on he amount of work i have to do, and how much i'm actually doing, and how tired i am

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lol I should've explained that. Because I'm always late, my theory is that if I stick my bare feet into my sneakers and then, when I'm in my car and thus on the way to school, put on socks (and then putting on the shoes properly), I will save time, thus avoiding late remarks. But as you can see, that isn't always the case.

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6:08: Alarm rings

6:30: Actually get out of bed

6:32: Have a shower

6:38: Get dressed

6:42: Have breakfast

6:46: Realize I'm late and leave

6:53: Get on bus

7:24: Get to school

7:24-8:30: Reddit, Facebook, Twitter

8:30-9:45: Lesson 1

9:55-11:10: Lesson 2

11:10-11:30: Reddit

11:30-12:00: Lunch

12:00-1:15: Lesson 3

1:15-2:05: Usually a meeting / break

2:05-3:20: Lesson 4

3:26: Realize I'm late

3:28: Get on bus home

4:02: Get home

4:05-4:30: Collate notes / procrastinate

4:30-4:45: Eat something

5:00-6:00: Work / Talk to people

6:00-7:00 Either continue to work, or go run

7:00-9:30 Work / Procrastinate / Talk to people

9:30-9:50: Dinner

10:00-(1,2,3,4):00: Work / Procrastinate / Fall asleep on keyboard

(1,2,3,4):00-6:08: Sleep

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7:24: Get to school

7:24-8:30: Reddit, Facebook, Twitter

8:30-9:45: Lesson 1

why do you get to school so early?

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7:24: Get to school

7:24-8:30: Reddit, Facebook, Twitter

8:30-9:45: Lesson 1

why do you get to school so early?

My bus gets to school in 20 minutes, public transport takes an hour an 20 minutes. :( And my bus gets here pretty early, because I don't know. :'(

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7:00 wake up

7:15 eat about 700 calories for breakfest

7:30 shower get yelled at by my mom to hurry up

8:00-3:30 school, workout, eat another 1500 calories

4:00 get home do flyer route, eat so many calories that I lose count

rest of the night is almost always working out or a water polo practise

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4:00 (Alarm rings if I have to study for a test on that day or do some homework that I have forgotten to do earlier)

7:35 Reaches school

8:15 - 9:40 First Lesson

9:40 - 9:55 Break, usually listens to music and plays around with the phone

9:55 - 11:15 Second Lesson


11:50 - 1:15 Third Lesson, starts to doze off

1:15 - 1:35 Break, naps

1:35 - 3:00 Last Lesson

3:45 Reaches home

3:45 - 4:15 Naps

4:15 - 5:50 Practices the piano

5:50 - 8:00 Homework, study, etc.

8:00 - 10:00 Fencing

10:00 Dinner

10:30 - 11:30 INTERNETTTT

11:30 sleep

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