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ITGS emergency

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so im basically having my mock exams in like... less than 2 weeks
my teacher did give us an overview about the technical sides of what will be included in the exam
but i went over it and couldn't really find much relevant info on the net, its either too detailed/techy or too vague and not direct.


Online Transactions (Business & Commerce)
Validating data
Security in transactions (online)
advantages and disadvantages of online transactions

Digitisation of data (Entertainment)
compression techniques and filetypes
process of digitization
why compress...physical constraints

Text file/format types and what they can dispaly (not page formatting) (Business)
Coding types on computer for text...how is text stored on a computer...what limitations are set by the coding system
Advantages and disadvantages of different text formats

Modelling the real word on computer (Busienss, Medicine)
what is modelling
what is needed to create models
advantages and disadvantages of models


basically those will be the "tech" side of the paper.
but i seriously need some help here.
and by looking at this, any idea what will come up on the exam? anything relevant?
or have you done pastpaper questions which totally fit the topics above?
oh helppppppp DDDD:<
im gna die :D

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