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English A1 HL; the approach

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Okay so at the beginning of the year I started of with a 4 in English A1 HL and now I ''improved'' (put more effort into the subject and did more work generally) and I am supposed to get a 3 for my grade review......

So.... without trying to burst into anger. I am guessing that my approach is wrong - personally I have no idea how to approach world literature assignments and Shakespeare's drama

Currently I am doing

World Literature comparison (I'm comparing the 2 mothers and arguing which mother is better than the other in these 2 plays):

Mirad, a boy from Bosnia by Ad de Bont
Kind Oedipus by Sophocles


Much Ado about nothing by Shakespeare

Can someone tell me how to approach these to get high marks? Must I need to know a whole bunch of literary terms like ''Catharsis, exposition, dramatic incitement, complication, crisis, resolution'' etc.?

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No you don't.

For my WL1, I did "The Outsider" and "Crime and Punishment", comparing the use of foils in revealing the character of the protagonists. I never once used those fancy terms. It's not necessary if you have good quotes and a strong analysis of each quote. My teacher made us write an outline for world lits and show it to her first, and our thesis and arguments had to receive approval from her before we were allowed to continue. I also showed her 2 drafts..honestly do as many drafts as possible, editing it will make it a lot better. At the time I was really frustrated because world lits were assigned 2 weeks before it was due and we had 2 weeks to do BOTH world lits -.- but I managed to do it (although I pulled some all nighters).

My teacher told me in the end that she thinks I'll end up getting a 6 in both world lits. Know your works, make an outline, do several drafts and make sure you stay within the word count. I never once used any fancy literary terms besides things like "foil" and "irony".

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what i did in my commentary was focus on a certain aspect in the two books, an aspect they have in common obviously, and one very important thing is not to summarize the stories! our teacher also told us that the flow is very important, as in the transitions from one paragraph to the next, the commentary should not be block, block it should flow together and you should write everything about one book and then everything about the other, like you should have a topic for each two paragraphs; one for each of the stories... i hope this helps =) but i dont think the words used are as important as how you use them... you should obviously try using different and varied words but i dont think the grade they give you will be on whether or not you used an amazing vocabulary.

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