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Please Help! EE in Chemistry!

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I am in SERIOUS trouble! I want to do somthing with hair (on the head :) ) and shampoo. I just don't know exactly WHAT I can investigate. I want to compare a shampoo from the store with a simple self-made shampoo, I just don't know exactly what to compare or how to do that.
I am seriously panicking... please, someone suggest possible investigations. I have to hand a plan for investigation already tomorrow!! My chemistry teacher (who is the IB coordinator of my school) is seriously going to kill me if I don't submit a clear plan! :0

Thank you!

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This is a wild suggestion, not exactly sure how feasible this is in the lab. I'm doing a project at university on the marketing of shampoo right and I might have an idea for you.

Have a read of this article. Not sure if you can actually download as you're not VIP but if you can't, PM me with your email and I'll send it to you.

Basically the article is about different types of shampoo. You know now you go into a store and you get all these stuff about anti-frizz, volumising, sleek and shiny shampoo and whatnot. But the article is saying that those labels are just meaningless labels and the ingredients in the shampoo aren't that much different at all from each other, just may differnet in the amoutn of ingredients used. It also goes on about different harmful effects of the ingredients. you could try to test the chemical make up of each type of shampoo (different variants of the same brand, maybe), how they are different (or not) and I don't know, somehow work hair into your experiment.

This is just an idea, I didn't do Chem at IB so don't ask me the details of the experiment. :)

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