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Hey Everyone,

I was wondering whether there are any people who are fluent in Spanish (or are very good a it) who would be willing to read and comment on a practice written assignment I've done for Spanish ab initio?

For ab initio we have to write a comparison between a cultural aspect of our own culture and a Spanish speaking culture. I don't need you to critique the content just the grammar.

Just so you know, the actual written assignment will done in class under exam conditions, and we are not allowed to bring in any of our own notes or practice essays. This practice one I've done is not going to be formally assessed and will not count towards my mark or anything, so i don't think I'm breaking any IB rules by asking someone to check it. My teacher refused to mark any practice ones and wanted us to write the actual assignment completely on the spot, because that will 'supposedly' improve our Spanish more than writing a practice one. Which I don't agree with, hence, I am seeking the help of the IBsurvival community.

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I would gladly help you, too ^^

I'm from Argentina, so my prime language is Spanish, though I love English and French as well!

I'm kind of a grammar nazi sometimes... so I wouldn't mind doing it :P

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