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Marie Feldhoff

Extended Essay
EE what category?


I am writing my Extended Essay in French my research question is "To what extent did the organziation CODOFIL affect the status of the French language in Louisiana?"

There are three categories which one would fit the best?

Category 1: language

The essay should be a specific analysis of the language (its use, structure and so on) normally related to its cultural context or a specific text.

Category 2: culture and society A: essays of a sociocultural nature with an impact on the language

The essay should be an analysis of a cultural nature that describes the impact of a particular issue on the form or use of the language.

B: essays of a general cultural nature based on specific cultural artifacts

The essay should be an analysis of a more general cultural nature but specific to a country or community where the language is spoken. Topics that are too broad and could apply to many cultures (like globalization, the death penalty or eating disorders) are inappropriate.
Essays of a general cultural nature must be based on specific cultural artifacts. Cultural artifacts in this context are understood to include a wide variety of phenomena, ranging from works of fine art to newspapers, magazines and cartoons, to films, television programmes and popular music.

Category 3: literature

The essay should be an analysis of a literary type, based on a specific work or works of literature exclusively from the target language. In the case of a comparison of texts,all texts must originally have been written in the target language."

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Hey there!

Although I don't see any category which fits your task perfectly, I would say category 2a seems like the most suitable for your EE. It's clearly not category 3, nor is it category 1 (it's not about the language itself, but how a certain organisation affected the language's position in a society). Whether it is category 2a or 2b is a tad more difficult to say, but I would assume 2b would be an essay on a particular cultural phenomenon, such as the importance of fashion in Paris or the difference between Canadian French and French TV shows. 2a would be, as I understand it, more directed towards how the culture and society impact a certain language, for instance how the native Americans contributed to the American English language. Now, your EE does not exactly fit into either perfectly, but I would say that category 2a is much more suitable than any of the others, as it seems more like a sociocultural than uniquely cultural task.

Good luck!

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