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Math Studies and Medical School ?

hi, i am currently doing IB and i really need some advice. I want to go to medical school to become a pediatrician or a dentist. however, ive not taken math SL, biology or chemistry or physics for my IB subjects.








I am terrible at maths and i didnt take physics even in IGCSESs. I have however done Biology and Chemistry for IGCSEs,and i am going to do my SATs this coming october. so i was wondering, would i be eligible to go to a medical school with math studies AND SATs?

and if not is there any other way i could get into medical school by maybe doing a foundation year or something?

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Medical school will not be looking at the subject choices you have taken during your high school years, they will mostly focus on those at university. But to be accepted to a medical school you would have to have taken couses in biology, chemistry, physics, and some areas of mathematics...thought the requirements will vary between different medical schools. You don't have to take these science courses now, but it will be highly recommended. The subjects in high school will set the basics for you and you'll move onto more advanced stuff in university. There is always the option to taken all these courses at university, but you would have to start from the beginning making it a longer process for you. IB credits are transferable, and therefore you're allows to skip certain classes and get to you degree faster.

If you ask me though, I would highly recommend you to change one subject to an area in the'll be worth it in the long run

As for maths, you dont need the SL level but math will be required for university, in most cases 1-2 semesters of statistics and calculus

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In general, most universities in the US don't really care what specific classes you take in High School, but rather what kind of classes they are (science, language, math, etc.) Math Studies shouldn't really be a problem, but most universities do recognize that Math SL and above are harder courses.

If you're planning on going to medical school in the US, you must first obtain a four year Bachelor's degree, and most likely complete a Pre-medical program during that time. After that, you must take the MCAT and apply to medical school.

There are loads of people who go through a pre-med program and get a Bachelor's degree who don't actually get accepted to medical school.

In the States nearly all Universities will make you take at least one Calculus course, and some make you take two Calculus courses. You'll most likely have to take a Physics course in your undergraduate education.

While you shouldn't be concerned if you haven't taken Physics so far (I didn't take Physics in high school) you should be concerned about mathematics. I've seen many a Pre-med student change majors because of math.

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