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IA Help with my IA topic

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This IA question is not good for two things:
1) redundant: lots of candidates have written IA's and EE's on Hitler, WWII, the Master Race ideology, etc.

2) obvious: anyone with a decent historical knowledge knew of Hitler's hatred against homosexuals etc, and would conclude, yes Nazi persecution was justified by Hitler's Master Race ideology

to rephrase your question, I suggest looking at factors that led to Hitler's formation of Master Race, reasons why it wasn't successful, or do a comparative analysis of the methods and such.

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Alternatively, if you're interested in homosexuals throughout history but want to stay away from a cliche topic (I'm afraid the ones you're looking at have been done hundreds of times), consider looking at other issues on this, such as Harvey Milk. Perhaps you could compare how his biography and the movie Milk portray his character differently? (If you don't know about him, he was the first openly gay elected official in the US, and was later shot along with the mayor - hugely controversial, very interesting). Or perhaps you like ancient history and could pose the question as to whether the claims that famous figures such as Socrates, Lord Byron, Edward II or Hadrian were homosexual? These are just a few ideas continuing down the homosexual line (there's heaps heaps more), I just fear that if you do WWII questions like this you are writing on topics that really should be avoided (overdone and you probably won't be able to bring anything new or exciting to the table). Happy writing!

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