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Geography EE Help on globalisation

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Hey guys,

I've decided to do my Geography EE on globalisation in Ho Chi Minh city and to investigate its socio-cultural impacts through primary research (surveys + questionnaires).

However, I thought that was too simple so I thought about comparing the situation in Ho Chi Minh City to other places like Kuala Lumpur or Shanghai.

Then, I thought maybe expanding into ways the government could preserve the culture in Ho Chi Minh? i.e in schools, they have to study the national language until a certain age...

Except now, I'm not sure what questions I would want to ask, what research I would like to gather and what my overall title will be.... could this plan be a bit too broad?

I really need some guidance and tips please!

Thank you very much! (:

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I'm writing my EE on geography as well and I'd say that your first topic is better. Because, hey, how can you investigate Kuala Lumpur? Focus on the city that you know well and show it! Also, besides surveys, you can ask the city governance for some maps or yearbooks to see how the city has been changing over the course of time.

Good luck!

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