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So I've decided to do an EE on English and so far I'm set on a Japanese novel in translation called Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata.

I really like these novel and I don't really want to change but I need to find an English based text which I can effectively draw comparisons with. Anyone whose studied these text or has an idea of some other works that are good to compare this novel with, please help me :/

Initially had my eye set on The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness as the accompanying English text which was released earlier 2013 for the similarities it has with my first novel and I did a little probing around it.

My two initial research questions are set out below:

The construction of illusion versus reality through characterisation in Ness’ The Crane Wife and Kawabata’s Snow Country.

By what means do Kawabata and Ness construct mono no aware in their female protagonists?

These are a bit vague and come purely from my understanding of these novels based on a few detailed papers on Snow Country so any feedback regarding this topic is welcome.


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Well, I haven't looked closely at these books, but I hope I can give you a few tips on doing your EE in English.

I got an A in mine, so if my question is any help:

How does Rana Dasgupta use literary techniques to portray Ulrich’s journey towards self-realization in Solo?

Sadly, I don't know my component grades so this question might have gotten a 0/2.

In your second question, I suggest substituting the term mono no aware for some sort of English translation. It is of course an English essay and the examiner should have a general idea of what your essay is about from the questions itself without having to google it. :P

Maybe another approach you could consider is posing your question on two premises:

1. Literary technique (i.e characterization, which you have clearly mentioned)

2. Overall effect this technique(s) has on both books. (mine was how the devices helped further the theme of self identity in Solo)

I've seen huge research questions written by passionate English students. My guess is, the examiner has read hundreds of English EE's and WA's and would like a nice simple research question. Easy two marks!

I vaguely read the summaries of the two books and your questions seem to be going in the right direction. I saw hints of both female characterization as well as illusion/reality.

Maybe you could combine the two; it would make a nice conclusion where you could ask whether these authors are conveying the the female sex as being beautiful/elusive and if this approach limits or furthers the effect of the novel on the reader.

I hope I helped!

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