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Tables in Appendix

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If we have tables in our appendix, do we title it and continue numbering from the last table in the body or restart numbering? None of the example essays have a title on their tables in the appendix.

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This sample extended essay: http://ibpal.com/docs/biology-ee-14

scored 34/36 (a clear A) and all the tables have titles. In this example, the numbering restarts in the appendix and also restarts for each new appendix (eg Appendix A has separate numbering to Appendix B)

Here is another example: http://ibpal.com/docs/biology-ee-2

Tables are titled in this example too

Personally in my biology EE, I titled my tables and did not have separate numbering. I think its an subtle point that does not deserve much attention (and won't affect your result) - but keep your tables neat and clean, examiners like clean style thats easy to read and understand.

best of luck and don't hesitate to ask any more questions

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