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Remark Japanese B or not?

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Okay, so, I found out that I received a 6 in Japanese B on results day. This was a result I was pleased with, but expected, because despite being predicted a 5 I put in a LOT of work, enough that I hoped I may even earn a 7, but thought it unlikely. Last year the grade boundary for a 7 was 85% and I didn't feel I'd achieve this. My orals were moderated down by one, yet this is still what I achieved in the breakdown of Japanese B:


Internal Assessment - 26/30 (grade 6)

Paper One - 29/45 (grade 5)

Paper Two - 23/25 (grade 7)

Written Assignment - 25/25 (grade 7)

The overall is 85%, yet the grade boundary this year went up to 88%! :( unfortunately, I cannot remark the oral, even though this is my best bet to pick up 1%, maybe 2 if lucky. However, what will happen is that my P1/P2/WA will be sent off for remark. Here's the dilemma:

-Paper one is where I would want to pick up about 5 marks (go up to 34/45) to get the 7, assuming my other marks aren't touched.

-Paper two is unlikely to go up to 24/25, and obviously I only stand to lose for my written assignment, which will surely likely just get marked down by a skeptical examiner.

Money shouldn't really be a concern, because even if it doesn't go up surely something will come down, so I'd get my money back... at least there's no danger of falling to a 6. However, even if I'm lucky enough not to lose any written assignment marks, it still seems unlikely that a paper one would go up by 5 marks. I've heard of maths papers and stuff actually being remarked higher, but surely this is unlikely as it's not subjective?

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I wouldn't worry about it to be quite honest. You've already met your offer and your Japanese grade didn't really affect it (except to give you points). If it's a nagging issue or a pride thing and you've got the money to spare, go ahead and remark it, but I'd save my money if I were you and go use it to buy something nice for yourself. Even then, you'll be over it in about a month and won't even care what your score was a year from now.

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