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I really need to make a decision on my subjects. All i want to ask is that is Economics HL really difficult (the mathematical aspect especially) because its either this or a language B HL which even to me seems like an easy way out.

My subjects :

English A1 - HL

Biology - HL

Language B/Economics - HL

Psychology - SL

Math - SL

Language B/Economics - SL

PS. - Math isn't my favourite subject. I wasn't recommended Economics cause of my math scores but i improved drastically in my finals. Econ Paper 3 is my main concern as compared to the theoretical aspect

All help is appreciated :balloon:

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Tbh, Economics' syllabus is really not that hard. But if your main concern is Maths, then that's something you should ideally discuss with your future Economics teacher. The amount of Maths involved is not really that complicated or anything, but if you have trouble getting your heard around mathematical concepts in general, Economics may like feel a bit of chore.

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Don't worry about the math in econs! It is ridiculously easy. The only tricky part is knowing what calculation to apply when (I'm using "tricky" in relative terms here. This is actually really easy too).

For example, a 6 mark question in the paper might be a table of Total cost, Average cost, Marginal cost, Total price, avg price, marginal price, total profit, etc... Only total cost and price will be given, fill in the rest.

It's extremely easy if you know what to do - AC is just TC/number of units, stuff like that. Other columns will involve addition and subtraction. So you see, the math itself is not hard. It's just knowing a bit of theory!

Another example (equations for demand & supply curves)

Qd = 60 - 5p, Qs = -20 + 10p

What's the market equilibrium value of p?

60 - 5p = -20 + 10p

15p = 80

p = 5.33

So whats the quantity demanded and supplied at market equilibrium?

Qd = 60 - 5(5.33)

= 33.35 (round down to 33)

Pretty easy right?

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HL economics isn't that difficult, but if your Language B (is it Hindi?) is something you're absolutely fluent in, you should take that instead to take the easy 7. That's what I would have done :)

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I suggest that you take Economics HL. First of all, the maths is really easy...you just need to know what to apply where, and the second most important part of this whole thing is your college admissions.

Add your second language to your HLs and read the list. According to me, it will not lead to much. You only have Bio and English HL and thus will not have too many career options open, but if you simply replace the language with Economics, it will shift the whole paradigm of your subject structure. You will open liberal arts quite entirely to yourself. You need to define a career path through your HLs and with two languages, it does not add up to much.

Plus, colleges are very particular about students who challenge themselves. While IB is considered a challenge, they do not really appreciate the fact that some people find an easier way out of that also and do not perceive it in the brightest of lights.

Even if it is tough, I say it is worth the effort for your own future....take the challenge! :challenged:

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Thanks for the reply :)

i think im fixing in for Econ HL, taking the challenge (@IgnisRexLeo)

I go to this career councillor who told me to take Language B HL because it would be easier and would take the load off me ..

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