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IB Remark advice

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I need some advice on doing a remark on one subject I had done in May 2013. I had done Arabic B SL. And I got 88% altogether, which was a six. The grade boundary was 89% for a seven. So I was 1% off. I was very shocked when I knew I got a six.

Its turns out I got a 5 in my written assignment and very high in the internal assessments and exams.

So should I give a remark? Could anybody help.

I was wondering if those who had experience with remarks could give some advice.

Need it urgent to decide

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Yes, you should without doubt go for a remark, I as well did Arabic B (however HL), but I'm not intending to get a remark as I got mid. 6 (so sad, was predicted a 7)

... but other class mates are going for remarks, it's worth a shot.. all you need to do is pay one hundred dollars and if you hopefully get that seven.. the money is returned back to you.

Written essays/assignment are interpreted differently from each examiner, therefore, if I were you I'd go for it!

This year's Arabic Exam was a dramatic change! No one got 7 from our school, which is quite surprising as many sevens were expected!

Good Luck!

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Guest B.E.P.

I say go for it! Even if your grade doesn't change, at least you won't regret not trying. That is, if you don't mind spending the money on it.

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