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a (funny) story involving the IB syllabi, adobe reader, and my neck

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Uh this is actually a chat type post but it is somewhat related to IB and tells you how IB makes people lost common sense so I posted it here.

I have downloaded a whole bunch of subject syllabi from IBS since several months ago. As you might notice, some of the syllabi (eg. the math ones) have their "syllabus content" part rotated. I presume this is mainly used to organize the content better, but when you view it in PDF, it is rotated 90° from the default setting.

I KNEW that there is a button in adobe reader that you can rotate the PDF, I have USED it before. I FORGOT it. For like 3 or 4 months.

Trying to save paper and ink, I didn't print out any of the big long syllabi (until two weeks before, when I finally couldn't stand reading it from my laptop anymore, and I printed out the syllabus content part for Further Math and Math HL, it took me at least 70 pages, but that was still a bit too late to save my neck), so I tilted my head to read them.

Finally after I carefully examined the FM and MHL syllabus (luckily it happened after this school year ended), I got a stiff neck in the next morning, and not noticing the relationship between tilting head for long periods and stiff necks, I kept on reading those syllabi.

Usually when I get a stiff neck, I get a good night of sleep and the next day it's gone. That time (three weeks ago) it didn't go away until half a week later. It hurt like hell.

Those who have never gotten a stiff neck or any other problem with their cervical vertebra in their life will never know what it feels like...

THIS MONDAY I had a chat with my cousin (online, she went back to China for the summer) and suddenly realized that putting one's neck in an uncomfortable position for a long time will likely produce a stiff neck, shared that big discovery to my cousin, and got laughed at. "Why don't you tilt your laptop instead of your head?"

And I thought it was a great idea!

Complained to my mother about that I didn't think of this idea earlier so that I don't have to suffer through all the pain...

And she agreed.

Yesterday I told one of my friends (back in China, not doing IB, we were chatting online too) about the whole story.

"...So can I see how your syllabi look like?"

(got a screenshot and sent it)

"...Um, is that PDF format?"

"Yes. So?"

"You can rotate PDF files in adobe reader..."

:doh: :doh: :doh:


Took me 4 months, half a week of tears, and like 70+ pages of paper to realize that.

And WHAT happened to my whole family?

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Sometimes the smartest students have the least amount of common sense. :P

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