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Guest HayashiEsme

Hey guys! I'm in Year 11 right now, and our ToK Presentation is to make one of 5 minutes about anything. I have really little idea on what's actually required and the open-ended-ness of everything isn't exactly helping!:/

Read the guides and all, and I'm deciding between Should emotion be used to dictate our judgement? and How does music affect our ways of knowing? Probably going to look at movies for the latter.

Are these good KIs? I'm having trouble formulating arguments cause I have no idea where I should start, or what's expected - even after reading the markscheme :/


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Well I find your first KI to be stronger as its more open-ended and can be answered in various ways. However, do you have a specific topic that you're basing your KI on. For example, when I did my final presentation, my topic was Wikileaks and my KI was something along the lines of 'to what extent is the invasion of privacy ethical?' (or something like that anyway).

It seems open-ended to you atm because you probably dont have a topic that you're basing it off of. If you do, then you can use facts from that to back up your KI and to answer it. Make sure to add your own perspective to it as well...there's a whole section on the rubric just for the 'knower's perspective.'

And since you have a KI, you'll also need to keep in mind and explain the WOKs as well :)

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