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Can I not study a group 3 subject

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Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding choosing subjects. a bunch of my school mates want to not study and subject from group 3 (ITGS, Business, Economy... etc.). instead they want to take two subjects from group 5 (Math and Computer science) and two subjects from group 4 (Physics and maybe chemistry) PLUS two languages (group 1 & 2).

So is it possible to not study any subject from group 3?? Will the IB organization allow that??

thanks a lot for the help

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It's part of the IB rules that you have to do five subjects from Groups 1-5 each, and then an additional one subject from Groups 1-6 (your choice).

This is not a choice, the IB is built on an educational premise of giving you a balanced education, which includes doing at least one Social Science.

However, there are cases where students have been permitted to forgo a Group 3 subject to allow them to do all three major science courses (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). This is a non-traditional diploma. However, you have to take special permission from the IB to do this and it s only allowed if the student in question is applying to a university/universities for a course that has a mandatory prerequisite for all three Sciences (for example, applying for Medicine/Dentistry in India). But this is quite rare and allowed on a case-by-case basis by the IB.

In the situation you've described, unless there are compelling reasons (à la specific university requirements), you and your friends cannot omit a Group 3 subject.

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