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Hello everyone.

I'm doing my EE in group 3 of Lang and Lit, which focuses more on media and it's effect rather than a thematic analysis of a book, perhaps.

I was wondering if anyone has done this before, and if you could please give me some tips or good references.

If you could refer me to where I can read good past papers, that would be amazing. :clap:

Thank you all.

Have a great summer! :blowkiss:

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Oh, finally a May2014 student and doing the same Category that I'm doing :D

I found it difficult at first to find a topic and a RQ, but the I turned towards the "English language and Literature' book by Cambridge (Brad Philpot) and this book even has some topics and RQs suggested.

Friendly tip: Category 3, doesn't really mean that you should focus on the media. For example you can analyse how language helped or formed something. The focus in on language. But if you have already dicided that you want to do your on media, I can suggest that you Compare and contrast the stereotypical roles that women and men are assigned in advertisements.

You can take 2 different advertisements (for example Dove women and a Marlboro ad) and compare and contrast.

Best of luck! :D

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Hi Lisa, I'm doing mine on Media's effect on the perception of beauty in a specific country.

I was going to discuss the entrance of media into the society and the changes that took place. Does Topic 3 have to focus on language?

Then I guess I would analyze the language and portrayal of characters in the advertisements.

Any other additional information/resources? Thank you! :blowkiss:

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I'll put my penny's worth here.

Lisa is right: you are not limited to media.

Check out this link


To quote:

"Broadly speaking, students may focus on two areas in a category 3 EE, or a combination of both:

(i) Language in a cultural context: Here, students have the opportunity to explore how language develops in specific cultural contexts, how it impacts on the world, and the ways in which language shapes both individual and group identity.

(ii) Language and mass communication: Here, students are able to consider the way language is used in the media, and may address how the production and reception of texts is influenced by the medium in which they are written."

To answer your more pressing question: YES: language is always at issue. "Language" does not mean words and grammar, only, but images too. I.e. The language of images. A detailed discussions of images, and how they work is part and parcel of the L&L cure. Investigating how images and language work to reflect and reproduce culture is a key point for your Category. It may help to consider both terms (language and image) under the label "semiotics". I expect your teacher will have brought up the term already. Hope this helps.

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