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I need help with my extended essay topic in literature

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I know that I want to do my extended essay about utopian societies, but I'm unsure of what my topic should be exactly. I wanted to do it on How works of literature predicted aspects of utopian societies becoming present in our society today but it seems too broad to me. The list of books I'm using are:


-The Giver

-Fahrenheit 451



Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I think instead of predicting how today's world reflects the utopian aspects from works of literature, maybe you could focus on how an older work of literature predicted it, and how today's work of literature predicts it...or thinks it is. That way you're narrowing it down, and you can compare different aspects of the works.

Just an idea :)

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Warning: literature EEs should not be extensively based on context. Whilst I think it is legitimate to look at context - which I actually did in my essay - it should be focused on a specific literary device or style. So if you do want to look at utopias, you must link this to how this is created in a literary manner. Then, if you so wish it, you can link it to what this reveals about society today - but this is very tenuous, as this is based on speculation. You might be able to get away with how it reveals contemporary concerns of the author writing it at the time - which is actually the angle I tried to take on my EE - but linking it to the present it is quite risky and not very literary.

If you still want to look at past vs. present, you can do a comparative as recommended by the above user. So focus on how one literary device in both an old/new novel present a different view of utopia.

Also, on the note of utopia, many, many students write EEs on utopia/dystopia and especially 1984. Beware - markers may get bored. But even if they don't, they will probably know a lot about what has been written, so you have to do more to match that standard and to stand out in holistic judgement.

So I would recommend that you try to re-focus your EE to focus on a specific literary device/feature, and avoid making too many speculations about societies. Good luck :)

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